What is the Fediverse?

The Fediverse is a universe of federated servers. This covers social networks and sharing sites, hosted by several individuals or organizations, with the ability to all communicate together.

As opposed to centralized networks managed by large corporations, you can choose your server (or instance) and at the same time interact with all the others.

What are the benefits?

To start with, rather than a technical vision, this is more of a philosophy: you are no longer bound to an organization which wants you to stay captive and monetize your personal data, or even promote a political ideology or propagate hate speech.

We are volunteers motivated by ethics and values of freedom, tolerance and inclusiveness. And if you are not happy, you can always change instances!

GayFR services

I offer several services which you can discover through this portal: social networks and sharing sites. They have in common a focus on the gay French-speaking community, offering a platform to exchange in French language, and discuss, share ideas, topics of interest, experiences, pictures and videos, or even more if you wish, and to share our desires around the beauty of the male body, nudism and naturism, sex, BDSM activies, all in a positive and respectful manner.

Open to anyone sharing our values, this place aims to be friendly, inclusive, caring and sheltered, promoting common bodies of ordinary or mature men, far away from homophobia or any other form of discrimination: safe, body-positive, no body-shaming.

We are not a porn site! But we believe nudity and sex are natural pleasures, so there is room for male erotic contents.


According to the Green Web Foundation, our website uses hosting services compatible with environmental protection: green energy, to support the transition to a fossil-free internet, using electricity produced with limited greenhouse gas emissions.

This website runs on green hosting - verified by


If you find this appealing, you can register to one or several of the services presented in this portal, create an account and start interacting.

I am committed to offer you ethical, secure, quality and free services, with no exploitation whatsover of your personal data, and moderated content with a sense of freedom, with no censorship as soon as a spot of body is shown...

See you soon!



Social networks

You will find here the social networks to help you communicate your ideas, desires, thoughts, and anything you might want to share over time through text and media.


The most famous application: a microblogging site for short messages, with or without pictures, videos or audio, similar to the ex-Tw*tter (X), but ethical and protective of your personal data! No algorithm, no advertisement, you are not the product, and you can express yourself in a safe and caring place.

Join us:


You wish to publish longer-lasting papers? Choose Plume to host your blogs and articles. Comparable to M*dium or W*, but interconnected to the other Fediverse applications, with a simple and user-friendly interface so you can concentrate on your writing and on conveying your thoughts.

You will need to first create an account on our Mastodon site to become an author! Go here to consult:


You already are a Mastodon (or Pleroma, Akkoma,...) instance administrator? You don't wish to change, but you would like to benefit from our contents and those of other connected servers? Join our relay to view all those publications, ideal for starting up, if you have a small developing instance, to populate the public timeline seen by your members, and also to increase your visibility.

Follow the instructions:


We are fully transparent and publish in real time our statistics: health, activities and usage of our services.

You can view those at any moment on:




You will find here the sharing sites allowing you to publish your pictures, videos, links and comments.


This application is for sharing and displaying your photographs and pictures, like Inst*gram, but is ethical and respectful of your personal data, without the associated prudishness. Show off your personal collections, be it holidays, events or intimate moments, and share those with all members of the Fediverse!

Join us:


You want to host free videos, or some you just created and broadcast them? You want to publish your live channel whilst chatting? This is your go-to application, analogous to Y*tube, with the same benefits as the other ethical Fediverse applications.

Show us your videos, create your channels or perform live:


A community platform open to discussions, forums and link aggregation, which works the same as R*ddit. Just as for the others, no advertisement, algorithm nor other trackers, you choose to subscribe and publish according to your own interests, at your own will.

Create and animate your community, or simply participate:


We are fully transparent and publish in real time our statistics: health, activities and usage of our services.

You can view those at any moment on:

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